Important Notice

Under the Bio Security and Agriculture Act 2007, certain goods imported into WA are subject to quarantine restrictions.

In order to facilitate the clearance of goods imported into WA the following items will not be transported into WA by us:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Cut flowers (including dried) and bulbs
  • Plants (including house plants)
  • Seeds (including grain, flower and bird seed)
  • Honey, honeycomb and beekeeping equipment
  • Animals and birds
  • Hay, straw and fodder
  • Walnuts in shells
  • Wool and hides (unprocessed)
  • Soil and other growing media
  • Used fruit and vegetable cartons
  • Plants and bulbs can be brought into WA, provided they have been sproyed by Queensland Department of Primary Industry and a certificate has been issued.
    For more details contact Quarantine WA 089 368 3333

  • Garden tools, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows etc must be spotlessly clean and free of any soil matter

When we uplift your goods to take to WA you will be required to fill in a quarantine form which the driver will bring.  Breaches of the act may result in hefty fines