Relocating, whether moving a home or office, is a time of upheaval and stress. You can run into many snags along the way to finalising your new home or office, resulting in untimely delays. These delays can leave you worried about the security of your belongings and stressing about the logistics of relocation.

With all the complicated aspects that relocation entails, knowing that your belongings are safe and secure until they have a new home reduces a significant amount of stress and worry.

Secure Storage is Something You Do Not Have to Worry About

Sure, there is always the self-storage route to consider. But there is also still the transport issue to consider as well. It doesn’t do you much good to store your belongings near your original premises, only to have to relocate them to the other side of the country at some point.

If you need to relocate your home or office between Queensland and Western Australia, the better option would be to hire a company to take all the trouble and logistics of relocation out of your hands. It will allow you to sleep a little easier at night knowing that everything will be taken care of and your belongings will be safe and secure throughout the relocation process.


Reduce the Amount of Handling of Your Belongings

Reducing the amount of stress you experience during your relocation is part of our job. Removing the logistics headaches of removal and storage of your belongings is how we reduce your stress levels.
Here is how we go about it. Rather than moving your belongings into a storage facility until they are ready to be transported, we reduce the handling of your belongings to the bare minimum.

We do this by loading your belongings into the actual container that will be used to transport them across the country. We then move the container to our secure storage facilities. These facilities feature CCTV coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are monitored to prevent unauthorised public access. Safety from fires is also provided on our facilities.

When you are ready to relocate the belongings, we transfer the container across to the other side of the country and your new home or office.

We Have Storage Facilities on Both Sides of the Country

But what happens if your accommodation plans fall through while your belongings are being transported? Not to worry, KT Moller Removals & Storage has safe and secure storage facilities in both Queensland and Western Australia.

We can hold your belongings until you are able to find a new home for them at your destination. Your belongings are only handled once, no transferring them into multiple storage containers and no handling them more than is necessary. This reduces any possibility of damage to your belongings.

Let KT Moller Removals & Storage reduce your stress level by taking the worries of storage logistics out of your relocation process.