Accurate Quotations Available

The cost for your removal will depend on a number of things:

  • Where are the goods coming from and where are they going to
  • The volume of your goods
  • Special circumstances which can be: long distances on dirt roads, requirement for after hours or night work, difficult access, ferry travel, parking restrictions etc

Ascertaining the volume of your goods is normally done by email.  Our website contains a questionnaire, which you can fill out and it will automatically send it through to us at  Based on what you tell us we will email you a firm quote.  Usually phone calls take place to iron out any loose ends.  Because of comparatively long lead time required for a move from one side of Australia to the other, changes often occur in between the original enquiry and the day of uplift (furniture gets sold, number of cartons change etc), our quotations are valid for 6 months only

Whenever changes occur it is important that we be kept informed for three reasons:truck

  • A change in volume of your goods will result in a proportionate change in cost of your removal
  • We schedule containers and trucks and have lead times also.
  • We want to avoid at all costs the situation where we cannot fit all goods on the truck or container because the volume has changed without our knowledge.

The volume of your goods can of course also be ascertained by us sending a representative out to your house, free of charge to do a visual estimate.  Once all details have been sorted out and price is accepted we just need to set a date for pick up, and that is it!

One or two days prior to pick up we will contact you with a pick up time.  We always try to give you a firm date for delivery but because of the extreme distances, delivery dates can vary by a small factor.